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ABNER Payroll Outsource Management and Human Resource Information System was founded in Malaysia by experienced human resoruce consultants.

We pride ourselves in producing high quality payroll management and executive search works that is expedited quickly and efficiently .......-.more  

Payroll Outsource Management

  • Maintenance of employees’ payroll records
  • Processing of monthly payroll and crediting into employees’ bank accounts
  • Preparation of statutory reports and submissions to EPF, SOCSO, Income Tax, HRDF, ASB/ASN, Tabung Haji, Zakat.
  • Preparation of EA Forms, PCB (II) and Form E
  • Printing of payslips
  • Preparation of management reports
  • Computation of bonuses              ..... more

Malaysian Labour Law &  Regulation of Employment

Malaysia Employment Act 1955


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Payroll Outsourcing has become the trend in companies that strive to streamline complicated business processes and choosing to focus on key business objectives.  

With ABNER payroll outsourcing, companies do not need to retain any ‘in house’ payroll skills or payroll processing software !

We offer professional payroll services for every size of employer and providing everything a business needs to outsource this function.  

Independent Reference Check

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每个国家有各自的章制度, 也包括. 在来西, 每个月雇主都要扣除并提交法定机构 -- 雇的公交(EPF), 社机构的交(SOCSO)和每月扣税(PCB).


ABNER Payroll Outsource Management and Human Resource Information System 是由有经验的人力顾问成立. 我从1997年开始营业在已20年, 我提供生高品的薪酬外包以及人力源搜索!

 ABNER Payroll Outsource Management薪酬外包服主要内容:

        • 保存工工资记录和个人的
        • 理每月工转帐发放工
        • 资单报告, 法定机构
        • 法定机构 (EPF, SOCSO & PCB)
        • 备员估(EA form)表格
        • 放工资单


      • 主数据准确性 : 我提供最高水平薪酬外包服
      • 安全管理 : 雇主无担心机密資料泄漏, 我们拥有最高安全准的大技支持保密性
      • 薪酬外包,帮助人力源部从繁重的重复性事中解脱,注于核心的略性工作,从而提升人力源管理的高度和核心争力
      • 薪酬外包简化企业薪酬发放流程,节省时间,提高员工满意度


 请联系我abner@abner.com.my 或联系+6019-2178836, 我们很乐意回答您的询问!


Since 1997 @ ABNER - Malaysia Payroll Outsource & Human Resource Management