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It is rare for an outsider to be able to select exactly the right employee for another company. However, because this process is so time-consuming, positions often remain unfilled for extended periods until the staff is able to find time to conduct the screening required for the position. In these situations, ABNER can help.


Phone Screens and Criteria Interviews through ABNER can dramatically narrow the list of interviewees to only those are highly probable to be exact matches for the positions. The internal staff can then use its limited time to select the "exact fit" employee from only the closely matched candidates.


Phone Screens 

    Phone screens involve asking a few key questions over the phone to determine a person뭩 qualifications. The questions are customized with the client, and trained ABNER Human Resource specialists perform the phone screens. The candidates responses are summarized, placed in spreadsheets, and returned to you with highlighted recommendations of candidates for further investigation.

Criteria Interviews 

    In contrast to phone screens, criteria interviews are conducted face-to-face to gather more in-depth information. ABNER 뭩 trained Human Resource specialists conduct these interviews based upon clearly established position criteria as developed by the client. The candidate뭩 responses are summarized and returned to you in a manner similar to phone screens.


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